The Circle Of Life

The project "Circle of Life" deals with issues of history education for preschoolers, bringing up young talents, developing programmes for the elderly.

«History of Russia for preschoolers»

Our schoolchildren start learning “History of Russia” only at the 6th form (!) We think this is not right and not fair at all to our little citizens. Of course, some information about historical episodes is received by our pupils before that time, for example, from literature or during national and state holidays. But this is often fragmented and, as a rule, not very systematic knowledge. We, in our turn, have been creating and promoting the concept of learning history from the very young age. We believe that it is necessary to insure that national history is compulsory for preschoolers. It is necessary to create the historical tradition of preschool education and to raise the prestige of historical knowledge. Along with historians, educators, cultural experts, psychologists, we are creating a curriculum for preschools and child development centers, organize meetings and interviews with historians, authors, painters in kindergartens, educational centres and other public venues. Every child from the earliest years should know that he is not only a part of his or her family but is also a citizen of a big country.

«Happy life in the old age»

The number of the elderly people in world is growing and Russia is no exception. Some experts believe that old age starts from 60 years of age. When people retire, they normally begin to experience various health problems, ailments and notice how their mental abilities decline. On the other hand, a famous Russian biologist and physiologist Ilya Mechnikov said, “old age is a disease that must be treated”. The programme “Happy life in the old age” is intended to “treat” old age in all its aspects: social, biological and psychological. We would like to empower elderly people and to improve their living conditions and change their quality of life for the better. For example, we would like to create a specialised clinic only for the elderly, where they could be treated by specialists doctors. We believe that there must be specialised fitness centers for the elderly, swimming pools, leisure centres, etc. We don’t want the elderly to feel out of place in our society, especially in such a rapidly changing world. For example, if they want to fly on a plane, they could count on the specialised assistance. And if they want to master digital technology, they also should be helped in that. Old age should not be associated with being weak and feeble. Elderly people should stay healthy and active for as long as it is physically possible.

«Talented children»

From 1% to 5% of children worldwide are born with the makings of geniuses. Unfortunately, only every hundredth child will be able to develop one’s talents. It’s not enough. We would like to create the conditions that ensure that every talented child can develop their abilities to the full and grow a successful and happy person. We in Russia support talented children: there are specialised schools for the gifted, there are educational centres (Sirius, for example). But we should have more of such schools and educational centres. And they should be more accessible. We want to support talented children and their parents and to find each and every child a worthy place in our society.

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