You are from Russia

To restart the consciousness of Russians abroad, to maintain their connection with the homeland, promote an image of new Russia. Free training centres for learning of the Russian language are being created all around the world within the framework of this project. There's also a programme being developed in aid of Russian businesses abroad, "Business initiatives"

«New diaspora»

We can say today the world is open and transparent information is available, the boundaries are erased. But 30 million Russians and Russian speakers outside the country (and this is an equivalent of the population of a rather large country) still live in a vacuum of misconceptions about their own homeland. They still have to refute the myths, to laugh them off, to repel attacks, to break the barriers of mistrust. They are forced to become advocates for Russia, people’s diplomats, defenders of beliefs. Some of them choose to be fully assimilated, cutting themselves from their Motherland piecemeal. In the latter case, Russia is deprived of its citizens because the people become rootless. Their children and grandchildren will live with a void where there could be the whole story: the family, the surname, the place of birth.

«Being Russian»

The aim of the project is to unite as many people as possible who are interested in Russian culture, literature and language, to preserve the Russian language in the countries linked historically and culturally with Russia. Centers “The Initiative from Russia” are now working in several countries. The classes are free. People come to us with different levels of knowledge, and of course, we try to devote time to each stage of language tuition. After the first month our permanent students are having their first test not so much as to judge them but to make them see their actual progress. We are going to open more new centers and train more people around the world within the remit of our project. We intend to diversify our lessons to include more videos and other training materials.

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«Business Initiatives»

It is obvious that Russian businesses working abroad are interested in fostering long-term friendly climate in the country of their stay. The aim of the project is to aid Russian businesses abroad, to develop business relations, to establish contacts with business people worldwide.

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