Hello! I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the public movement «The Initiative from Russia».

When I meet someone, I am often asked what I do for a living. Previously this question always caught me off-guard. There were too many answers to one simple question. Do I do business and network with international companies? Do I support centres for learning Russian language and culture? Do I represent the interests of Russians abroad and of foreigners in Russia? Do I tell the émigrés about the new history of Russia? Do I bring together members of the Russian Diaspora around the world? Do I oversee projects to maintain links with Russia? Do I write to various mass media about life of the new Russian Diaspora? Do I produce films about Russians abroad and foreigners in Russia? Do I organize meetings with ambassadors and round tables with spin doctors? Am I a media manager and a journalist? Or am I a businesswoman and a specialist in e-commerce? A TV presenter? A producer?

How to combine in a single response all my professional activities, and my passionate interest to what is happening with my homeland and the Russians here and abroad? Is it possible to do business or journalism among émigrés and not to see how they want to save their relationship with Russia, to feel her support, to be proud «about Russia»?

Several years of observing the life of the Russian Diaspora around the world, several years of discussions with the Russians, who, for various reasons left Russia, and then gradually you begin to see the shape of a future project. It is desperately needed by all those people living «there», by all Russian and Russian-speaking people. We called it «The Initiative from Russia». And I found at last the answer to my question: «Who am I and what’s my aim in life?».

I, Yuliya Serebryanskaya, am now a public figure and head of the movement called «The Initiative from Russia». Welcome to us!




Serebryanskaya, Yulia Alexandrovna – Russian public figure, head of the project «Initiative from Russia» (November 2017), journalist, TV presenter, media manager, businesswoman.

In 2001 I graduated from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Novosibirsk State Technical University. Whilst being the 2nd year-student I started work at the local branch of VGTRK media group. I was a producer and a host of «Plain talk» TV programme dealing with the current social issues: starting from rising utility bills to food prices. This work influenced the choice of my future career path.

In 2002 I arrived in Moscow at the invitation of TV channel M1, where I started producing the programme called «Ours in the city». In addition, I started working for «Movement» sports channel.

From 2003 to 2006 I worked for the programme «Good morning, country!» on NTV TV Channel. In 2005, the Embassy of Ukraine in Russia awarded Yuliya Serebryanskaya for her contribution to the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations: I made a TV series, dedicated to the life of the Russian people in Lvov, Volyn and Poltava and also to literary inheritance of Nikolai Gogol.

From 2005 to 2007 I was engaged in development of my own project – advertising agency «Creative Media». Later Yuliya Serebryanskaya joins TV channel «Moskovia» (formerly «Third channel»), where she was put in charge of the special projects division. At the same time she produces talk show called «The Price of the Issue» together with the House of Rodionov.

In 2007 she participated in organizing the presidential election campaign of Dmitry Medvedev. She dealt with videopresentations of the presidential candidate.

From 2008 to 2012 she is Head of Advertising Department of the Political Department of «The United Russia» party and Deputy Head of Internet projects of «The United Russia».

Yuliya Serebryanskaya took part in four electoral campaigns: parliamentary elections 2007 and 2011 and presidential elections 2008 and 2012. In 2008 she participated in the advertising campaign of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation, organizing a forum called «Strategy 2020».

In 2010-2011 she organised a discussion club «Bureau of Culture» where she actively promoted discussions about «the new hero of our time».

From 2012 to 2016 as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company 2WTRADE (e-commerce) she developed international contacts. In 2017 on the basis of this research «The Initiative from Russia» started its existence. She visited the republics of the former Soviet Union, the countries of Western Europe and North America. She’s been establishing links with a Russian community of California on the US territory (the Silicon Valley, hi-tech companies), also with companies in Nevada and Arizona.

In November 2017 she headed of a public project «The Initiative from Russia».

She’s fluent in English.

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